Contact Improvisation Quick Blog

Oct 19, 2014 :

If any of you are near the Dia:Beacon in Beacon, NY, they're presenting "Steve Paxton: Selected Works" this Friday through Sunday (Oct 24-26, 2014): Dia:Beacon Celebrates Steve Paxton's Choreography

Jul 14, 2014 :

Here is a Contact Improvisation video of a duet between Brenton Cheng and Sveta Pashko at the 2014 Moscow Contact Improvisation School: Brenton Cheng and Sveta Pashko

Jul 14, 2014 :

Here is a Contact Improv video of Chico Katsube and Shoko Kashima, two friends of Sharing Weight in Japan, presenting a lecture demonstration of contact improvisation at their Kagoshima TEDx event: Contact Improvisation Group | TEDxKagoshima

Jun 16, 2014 :
Steve Paxton, the founder of Contact Improvisation, has been awarded the Goldion Lion for lifetime achievement in dance.
"The Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement has been awarded to Steve Paxton for having opened the space of dance to a capillary study of movement as a constant source of origins projecting his experimentation with gravity onto the system of articulations and being the first to instinctively perceive dance as listening and the transfiguration of techniques. The perception of the human being that emerges elevates dance to a founding value of culture and of systems of relations.  The constant exercise of gesture has shown us how man can expand his vision of the world by linking memory to the awareness of belonging to a body and “silently” opening innovative paths to unlimited experimentation in all the arts."
Jun 4, 2014 :
Here is a Contact Improvisation video called "Poured Out," featuring dancers in Maidan, Kiev, Ukraine.   Film by: LisaVia (Inna Pavlichuk). Video by: Evgeniy Titov & LisaVia. Dancers: Katya Basalaeva, Alex Postnikov, Artem Markov, Katya Garyanskaya, Inna Falkova: Poured Out
May 28, 2014 :

Here's a Contact Improvisation video of a duet performance with Alicia Grayson and E.E. Balcos with musical accompaniment by Dan Knight: Contact Improvisation w/ Alicia Grayson & E.E. Balcos

Apr 21, 2014 :

Here's a Contact Improvisation video of a duet between Mirva Mäkinen and Otto Akkanen at the 2010 Kiev Festival of Contact Improvisation: Contact Improvisation Mirva Mäkinen & Otto Akkanen

Apr 11, 2014 :

"You've been falling in gravity. Because it is constant, gravity is ignorable. Movement and gravity are another of those 'intimate and sensitive' relations in that every movement will relate to gravity -- dramatized by the notion that only the surface on which one is supported is causing a pause in the fall. While standing, we are falling toward our feet, i.e., the force of gravity remains operative." -- Steve Paxton

Apr 8, 2014 :

Here's a #ContactImprov video of a duet between Jörg Hassmann and Ruslan Santah at the 4th Kiev CI Festival in 2012: 4th Kiev CI Festival dances: Joerg Hassmann & Ruslan Santah

Mar 27, 2014 :

Here's a Contact Improvisation duet between Ray Chung and Linda Bufali at the Roma Contact Improv Jam in 2012: Contact Improvisation - Ray Chang e Linda Bufali - Roma Contact

Mar 5, 2014 :

Here's a short and artistic contact improvisation video animation by Loïc and Elric Robichon of Bronwen and Jeremie dancing: Trahison

Feb 27, 2014 :

Here's a video from a "video lab" at the 2012 West Coast Contact Improvisation Jam in Berkeley, CA: 2012 West Coast Contact Improvisation Jam Video Lab