Contact Improvisation Quick Blog

Nov 25, 2011 :

"The freedom improvisation offers doesn't come without bidding. Its pleasure is a discipline. In the practice of Contact Improvisation, one is constantly faced with one's tendency to make the same choices over and over again. Within the form, this tendency is countered by working in close contact with a partner who is in a position to remind you that there are options you hadn't considered. Appreciating that invitation is one of the basic challenges improvising offers." -- Nancy Stark Smith

Nov 16, 2011 :

Here is a lovely video called "To be in Contact Improvisation" made in Varna, Bulgaria in April, 2010: "To be in Contact Improvisation"

Nov 15, 2011 :

Here's a cute 4 minute video of a "crash course" in contact improvisation: "Crash course of contact improvisation"

Nov 11, 2011 :

Here's a nice video of two of my friends, Neige and Tim, dancing in the lovely "rectangle" studio at Earthdance! "A Spoonful of the Jam"

Nov 7, 2011 :

Here is a nice slow motion video clip of Steve Homsher and Catherine Lessard dancing at CI 36 a few years back:

Nov 4, 2011 :

Here's a nice video of Blake and Brando at Earthdance:

Oct 28, 2011 :

"Experience relies on our point of view, and the feelings about what is noticed. This experience evolves to include not only the event, but reactions and new attitudes toward memories in ongoing time. Points of view are loaded. Physicists have points in space, poets have points of view. Dancers have both." -- Steve Paxton

Oct 24, 2011 :

"In contact improvisation we can depend on only three things: (1) one's self, (2) that the force of gravity works continually in one direction, down, and (3) that the floor supports our weight." -- Curt Siddall

Oct 12, 2011 :

"Improvisation is a practice in disorientation -- training the reflexes to read confusion as a challenge, not a threat; that a moment cut loose from its moorings has the advantage of being able to move in any direction, and further, that a temporary absence of reference points can clear the way for impulses from unexpected quarters." -- Nancy Stark Smith

Feb 24, 2011 :

"I've been saying the same thing for twenty five years... [Contact improvisation is] a raw material. So I got a little bit disturbed when I realized that people were taking this raw material and accepting it as is. So I'm now trying to bring back into the Contact world the idea that there is technical work here to be studied. And the reason to study it, to take a technical point of view, is because it is the way out of the improvisational paradox, which is: what to do when you run into your own habits? How do you get out of them? Technique is the way out." -- Steve Paxton