Contact Improvisation Quick Blog

Feb 12, 2014 :

Here's a Contact Improvisation video clip of Ray Chung and Neige Christenson dancing at 3am at CI36 in June, 2008: Neige & Ray duet@3

Jan 22, 2014 :

"The practice of contact [improvisation] very quickly became an amazing laboratory for observing yourself. Observing the moments when you have gaps of consciousness, when the speed of the dancing is so fast that your reflexes kick in, and you leave your body for a second and then come back. And you’re like “Ooh, wow! My body just took over!” And it’s exciting—your body just took care of you!" -- Chris Aiken

Jan 9, 2014 :

Here's a #ContactImprov video clip of a duet between Kira Kirsch and Jörg Hassmann at CI36 in 2008 at Juniata College, PA: CI36 Kira Kirsch & Joerg Hassmann

Jan 2, 2014 :

Here's a Contact Improvisation documentary video (23 minutes) from the Hot SnowCI Festival in Jan 2013 in Krasnoyarsk (Siberia), Russia, featuring Ektarina Basalaeva, Eckhard Muller, and Kevin Ho: Фестиваль контактной импровизации СнежКИ Красноярск 2013 Festival of Contact Improvisation

Dec 13, 2013 :

Here's a Contact Improvisation video, an excerpt from a 13 minute dance piece with Daniel Werner and Alyssa Lynes at BIDE (Barcelona International Dance Exchange) in 2012: Daniel Werner & Alyssa Lynes - a Contact Improvisation Duet

Dec 6, 2013 :

Here's a Contact Improvisation video of three duets amongst Martin Keogh, Leilani Weis, and Sabine Parzer during the Vienna Contact Festival in November, 2013: A Study: Observing Contact Improvisation: 3 Duets

Dec 3, 2013 :

Here is a Contact Improvisation video of a duet between Itay Yatuv and Linda Bufali, taken in Arezzo, Italy in November, 2013: Contact Improvisation Itay Yatuv e Linda Bufali

Nov 16, 2013 :

Here's a Contact Improvisation video of Steve Paxton talking about Contact Improvisation: ... in a non-wimpy way / steve paxton

Nov 11, 2013 :

Here's a ‪Contact Improvisation video on the Georgia Contact Journey, a project organizing CI festivals "on the road" in places like Georgia, India, Indonesia, Mongolia, and Nepal: Georgia Contact Journey :) 2013

Oct 31, 2013 :

Here is a ‪Contact Improvisation‬ video of a duet between Deva Sudolski and Joaquin Rebollo: contact improvisation - deva y joaquin

Oct 17, 2013 :

Here is a Contact Improvisation video of a performance duet with Alicia Grayson and E. E. Balcos called "Body Embody Body" with music by Dan Knight, performed September 28, 2013 in Charlotte, North Carolina: "Contact Improvisation: Body Embody Body"

Oct 9, 2013 :

Here's a Contact Improvisation video of Brandon Stewart and Christine Maxwell dancing at the Breitenbush Fall Jam in 2012: "Dance Me!"