Contact Improvisation Quick Blog

Sep 19, 2013 :

Here's a Contact Improvisation video of Urinsula Undress and Matilde d'Or featuring some fun and acrobatic lifts and spirals: contact impro bcn

Sep 3, 2013 :

Here's a video clip of Noam Carmeli and Chico Katsube dancinga t Noam's CI workshop in Tokyo, Japan, in April, 2011: Noam's CI workshop in Tokyo

Aug 27, 2013 :

Here is a two hour(!) video of Steve Paxton, founder of #ContactImprov, doing a lecture-demonstration at "The Conscious Body: An Interdisciplinary Dialogue" on October 7, 2012, in Paris, France: Steve Paxton at "The Conscious Body: An Interdisciplinary Dialogue"

Aug 14, 2013 :

Here's a Contact Improvisation documentary (38 minutes long!) on the Goa Contact Improvisation Festival held in Goa, India in January 2013: Contact Improvisation Festival, Goa, India

Aug 12, 2013 :

Here's a Contact Improv video of Martin Keogh and Neige Christenson dancing in February, 2009 in Cambridge, MA: Listening Strategies

Aug 5, 2013 :

Here's a Contact Improvisation video which was chosen to be the 1st prize winner for the 2013 Freiburg Contact Festival video competition on the topic of "CI in everyday life": Daily Contact :)

Jul 22, 2013 :

Here's a ‪Contact Improv‬isation video of a duet with Yaniv Mintzer and Illona Kenova at the Moscow Contact Improv Festival in July, 2010: Контактная импровизация 5 на Московском фестивале 07 2010

Jul 15, 2013 :

Here's a "‪#‎ContactImprov‬" video by Andrew Wass of two plastic army men dancing to the sounds of war going on around them: "Collateral Damage"

Jul 9, 2013 :

Here's a ‎Contact Improvisation video of Vanessa Cook and Riccardo Meneghini (dancing in Vanessa's kitchen): Vanessa Cook & Riccardo Meneghini, contact improvisation

Jul 4, 2013 :

Here's a Contact Improv video of Ray Chung and Martin Keogh performing at the Freiburg CI Festival in 2001: Ray Chung and Martin Keogh Perform at the Freiburg Festival

Jun 12, 2013 :
Here's a Contact Improv video of Blake Nellis & Brando dancing at Earthdance in December, 2009: Contact Improvisation: Blake Nellis & Brando @ Earthdance
Jun 6, 2013 :

"Contact improvisation is an expression of sensitivity in both the physical and emotional realms. It demands, above all, the ability to yield to the present moment. [...] People, like all creatures, are fearful of things unfamiliar. Working in this form one develops an appreciation of the unexpected within the realm of improvising and, I have found, outside of it in everyday life." -- Curt Siddall