Contact Improvisation Quick Blog

Apr 4, 2013 :

Here's a Contact Improvisation video with Aaron "Brando" Brandes and Shaina Cantino filmed in the final days of the 30-year lease of Northampton Center for the Arts: Contact Improvisation in Proximity: Brando (Aaron Brandes) & Shaina Cantino

Mar 27, 2013 :

Here's a Contact Improv duet with Kurt Koegel and Ray Chung at the recent Breitenbush Contact Improv jam in March, 2013: Men's Contact Improvisation Duet 2013 / Kurt Koegel and Ray Chung

Mar 19, 2013 :

Here's a Contact Improv video, an excerpt from the documentary "Artists in Exile: A Story of Dance in San Francisco." This video clip highlights Mangrove, an all-male, contact-improv-based company which was active in the San Francisco area in the 70's: Artists in Exile_Mangrove (Excerpt 3)

Mar 18, 2013 :

Here's an interview with Chris Aiken, assistant professor of dance and director of the MFA dance program at Smith College. He has performed and collaborated with Steve Paxton, Kirstie Simson, Nancy Stark Smith, Peter Bingham, Andrew Harwood, Patrick Scully, and Angie Hauser: Chris Aiken in conversation with Kinebago’s Sara Smith

Mar 14, 2013 :

Here's a Contact Improv video from the Contact Fest Kiev (Ukraine): Contact Fest Kiev 2012-2013

Mar 7, 2013 :

"Certainly the motivation to achieve, to learn, to try something, to master a skill, is positive and desirable. But it can often overwhelm the subtler curiosities and creative impulses and create stress. Opportunities that arise in the present moment can often be missed when we're too strongly focused on a particular outcome. This by itself is not particularly serious. But if one gets in the habit of focusing too strongly on what isn't there, to the exclusion of what is, it can become physically dangerous, as your mind is elsewhere and perhaps not prepared to respond quickly to the situation at hand." -- Nancy Stark Smith

Mar 2, 2013 :

Here's a Contact Improvisation video clip of Katya Basalaeva, Eckhard Muller, and Kevin Ho dancing at the Hot SnowCI Festival in Jan 2013 in Krasnoyarsk (Siberia), Russia: Перфоманс преподавателей фестиваля СнежКИ. Красноярск

Feb 23, 2013 :

Here's a Contact Improvisation video clip for "Mind the Point," a week of CI and mindfulness research in Paris in 2012: Mind the Point -- CI and mindfulness - Paris, Oct. 2012

Feb 20, 2013 :

Here is a Contact Improvisation trailer for "Permiso para Bailar," a 2010 documentary film on CI in Buenos Aires directed by Mariana Lifschitz: Permiso para Bailar trailer

Feb 8, 2013 :

Here's a Contact Improv video of Mirva Mäkinen, Lior Ophir, and Otto Akkanen dancing at the Kiev CI Festival in 2010: Contact Improvisation, Mirva, Lior & Otto

Feb 5, 2013 :

Here's a Contact Improvisation video produced by Fernando Nede with footage taken from the "Contact in Rio" festival in 2009: what CI is? O que é o CI?

Jan 28, 2013 :

Here's a Contact Improvisation video of Irene Sposetti and Johan Nilsson dancing at "No Mind 2012." The video was taken and edited by Mike Poltorak: A Contact Improvisation Dialogue at NO MIND 2012