Contact Improvisation Quick Blog

Nov 2, 2012 :

"It seems that inside every improviser is a value system -- whether stated, implied, assumed, or challenged -- through which the stream of life's particulars are passing, being chosen or not. A lot is happening in that tiny space of time. Improvisation lets us study this; share it with others; and use it as a way to evolve, amuse ourselves, make art, and participate in life's complexity and mystery." -- Nancy Stark Smith

Oct 29, 2012 :

Here's a lovely trailer for a documentary called "Danza Sin Fin" wherein Paquita, a 30 year old woman with cerebral palsy, starts dancing and working "with elements of Contact Improvisation, BMC, DanceAbility, and meditation among others." As Paquita says in the tailer, "Cada jam es una experiencia nueva.": Danza Sin Fin - English Subtitles

Oct 29, 2012 :

"I feel that Contact Improvisation should be governed by the same measures as any other formal relationship, that is: civility, good humor, as much intelligence as one can bring to bear, and willingness to overlook fleeting incompatibilities." -- Steve Paxton

Oct 19, 2012 :

Here's a nice video of Aaron "Brando" Brandes and Nezha Rhondali dancing contact improvisation on a public park bench on the High Line in New York City: Aaron Brando & Nezha Rhondali Dance Improvisation; On the Highline, NYC

Oct 15, 2012 :

Here is a video clip of Steve Paxton in 2008 talking about his creation of "Magnesium," the first performance work recognized as Contact Improvisation in 1972: Steve Paxton

Oct 10, 2012 :

Here is a 3.5 minute video clip of Kathleen Rea and Lee Walder dancing contact improvisation at the 2011 Montreal Contact Dance Improvisation Festival: "Kathleen Rea and Lee Walder contact dance improvisation"

Oct 8, 2012 :

Here's a video with Daniel Mollner and Jim Brown called "Gay Guy, Straight Guy" in which the two men share "while dancing [contact improv], how they have been affected by perceptions and prejudices regarding sexuality": "Gay Guy, Straight Guy" (Project 52, Week 28)

Oct 5, 2012 :

Here's a 12 minute video of a workshop with Karl Frost composed of snippets from the workshop and of Karl talking about CI in general: Contact Improvisation with Karl Frost

Oct 3, 2012 :

Here's a nice "trailer" video called "Five Ways In" about "the story of five people and their journeys through the Freiburg International Contact Improvisation Festival of 2012": Five Ways In

Oct 1, 2012 :

"This rigorous contemplative practice [of the "Small Dance"] tuned us to the subtlety and intelligence of the reflexes of the body, which in turn became the foundation for the more overtly disorienting flinging and flying of bodies in space that we would practice on the mats." -- Nancy Stark Smith

Sep 29, 2012 :

Here's a lovely video of a contact improvisation duet between Javier Cura and Linda Bufali taken during the Notte Nera Festival in August, 2012: Contact Dance with Javier and Linda 

Sep 25, 2012 :

Here's a "teaser" video of the 2012 Ibiza Contact Festival from this past summer. I miss dancing with all of the lovely people at Cala Jondal! Teaser Ibiza Contact Festival 2012