Contact Improvisation Quick Blog

Sep 24, 2012 :

"You have to relax to a certain degree to have the dance work well. You have to feel your weight, notice your sensation. You have to listen. You have to bring yourself to it. You can’t over-control, but you can’t be too passive either. Contact [Improv] encourages people to discover and invent; to cooperate, challenge, create within their limits. Did I mention generosity? There are a lot of people, myself included, who feel like it is peace work. But it can also be many different things, depending on what you emphasize in your practice." -- Nancy Stark Smith

Sep 19, 2012 :

To celebrate the 40th birthday of Contact Improvisation, dancer Alice Le Guiffant created this video for the 2012 Freiburg Festival with the aim of dancing with 40 people aged 0 to 40.  Contact Improvisation - 0 to 40

Sep 17, 2012 :

"The question is, are we training to get better at doing what our partner expects us to do or at being ready to be surprised and respond to something we didn’t expect? I would say the latter, but the former happens too." -- Nancy Stark Smith

Sep 12, 2012 :

Here's a nice, 90-second Contact Improvisation video from Annalaura and Thomas in Cologne, Germany: Contact Improvisation

Sep 10, 2012 :

Here's a 45 minute interview with Nancy Stark Smith in which she "explains with details the Underscore as framework for exploration and reserach for movement improvisational practices": An emergent Underscore: a conversation with Nancy Stark-Smith

Sep 10, 2012 :

Here's a short video clip of a group ensemble CI dance with Gretchen Spiro, Brad Stoller, Leah nelson, Kirk Andrews, Bastien Auber, and Neige Christenson: Moab Jam: Gretchen, Brad, Leah, Kirk, Bastien, & Neige

Sep 5, 2012 :

Here's a video of a lovely trio with Peter Bingham, Chris Aiken, and Ray Chung: Body Narratives 2

Sep 4, 2012 :

Here's a lovely 3.5 minute excerpt from a longer CI duet performance by Daniel Werner and Alyssa Lynes at BIDE in April, 2012: Daniel Werner & Alyssa Lynes -a Contact Improvisation Duet

Aug 30, 2012 :

Here's an interesting video of a lecture-demo by Contactworks Dance Collective back in 1980: Contactworks Dancetalk 1980

Aug 28, 2012 :

Here's a nice 3-minute "promo trailer" video on contact improvisation: Contact Improvisation, promo trailer

Aug 16, 2012 :

Here is a nice video clip of Tanya Winters (initially in wheelchair) and A.G. Rodriguez (initially on crutches) dancing in Austin, Texas: "Mixed Ability Dance Improvisation"

Aug 13, 2012 :

Here's a lovely video of my friend Daniel and his friend Rana called "Symbiosis."

(As an aside, Daniel is in the midst of a project to create a dance video a week for 2012. More information on the project and how you can help may be found here.)