Third Friday Jam: On Hiatus

NOTE (2015-11-23): The Third Friday Jam has been put on hiatus for the time being and will no longer be taking place. We'll announce if the jams start up again. We appreciate everyone's support over the years for the jam! Wishing you all great dances in the meantime.

Takes place on the third Friday of every month. 
Next jam: TBA.  7:30-10:00pm.  
Location: Radiance Power Yoga. 2704 28th St (map below).
Fees: $10

Facebook RSVP: TBA

Jam Guidelines:

A Contact Improvisation jam is an environment in which to explore, experience, and enjoy the dance form of Contact Improvisation.  Everyone is welcome regardless of Contact Improvisation experience. 

The structure of a jam is usually "open dancing" in which participants dance in an organic matter with each other.  The negotiation of one's dance partner and duration of each dance happens mostly non-verbally, although words are welcome when navigating dance beginnings and endings, and if anything needs to be “spoken” during the dance (e.g. “Hey, can we go a little more slowly?” “I am not taking much weight tonight.” “Can we practice this skill I have been working on in class?”). 
Dancing typically occurs in duets (two people), although trios and group ensembles sometimes naturally develop out of the fluid interactions between dancers.  Sometimes, the host of the jam may put into place some kind of score (e.g. round robin; space-clearing; witnessing) or intention, but most of the time, the jam will simply consist of open dancing. 
Neither the First Friday nor Third Friday Jams have a formal “opening” or “closing” circle; you are free to arrive and leave when you choose.  If you are new to the jam, we welcome you to introduce yourself to one of the “jam hosts” (ask someone who we are) and we can answer any questions and introduce you to others.
Additional guidelines for the First Friday and Third Friday jam are available by clicking here.
If you have any questions, please be welcome to send us an e-mail: contact us