Jun 23: Global Underscore 2013

Global UnderscoreYou are cordially invited to participate in the Global Underscore 2012.

Date: June 23, 2012 (Sunday)
Time: 7:00am-11:00am 
Potluck: 11:30am-12:30pm 
Location: Pearl Street Studio (2126 Pearl Street, Boulder CO)

Talk-Though: Sunday, June 16, 1-2:30pm & Saturday, June 22, 1-2:30pm (contact me for location)
NOTE: The Global Underscore will be taking the place of the Boulder Contact Lab on June 23.

For the past 12 years, a Global Underscore has been occurring near the summer solstice. Conceived and organized by French dancer Claire Filmon for 10 years, the Global Underscore Solstice is an annual event during which dancers at many sites around the world practice the Underscore simultaneously.

Nancy Stark Smith and Mike Vargas will be in Lisbon, Portugal hosting an Underscore there on June 23, from 2 - 6 pm (GMT +1; Greenwhich Mean Time +1).
We enthusiastically invite you to join us physically and energetically, in time and in space. With Nancy's direction and your participation, we will surely create an amazing event together!


As this year's Global Underscore falls on a Sunday morning, it will be taking the place of the regular Boulder Contact Lab.
Please note that participation in the Underscore requires attendance of a Talk-Through beforehand.  Also, the container of the Underscore asks that people "stay in" and be present for the entire practice (7am-11am).
The Boulder Contact Lab will host a potluck immediately following the Global Underscore, starting at 11am until 12:30pm at the Pearl Street Studio.

The Underscore is a framework for practicing and researching dance improvisation that Nancy Stark Smith has been developing since the early 1990's.  It is a score that guides dancers through a series of "changing states," from solo deepening/releasing and sensitizing to gravity and support; through group circulation and interaction, Contact Improvisation engagements, opening out to full group improvisation with compositional awareness, and back to rest and reflection.

If you've never attended an Underscore, please come!  As Nancy says, "You can't do it wrong."  However, in order to reap the amazing benefits of this practice, please be sure to attend the essential Talk-Through if this will be your first time participating in the Underscore.  (Please contact me to let me know which Talk-Through you'll be attending, as I may cancel if I don't hear from anyone.)
Please arrive on time with the intention to "stay in" with us for the entire practice (7:00am-11:00am).
Please RSVP on Facebook here: www.facebook.com/events/393050530807501
Cost of Underscore: $5-10.  Talk-Through is free!
The Global Underscore in Boulder will be facilitated by  J. Akiyama and co-hosted by the Boulder Contact Lab

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