July 11: CI Workshop with Ralf Jaroschinski

Saturday, July 11, 2013
Workshop: 10:00am-12:30pm, 1:30-4:00pm
Location: Boulder Circus Center (4747 26th St, Boulder CO)
Taught by Ralf Jaroschinksi

Conscientious Contact – A Delicious Journey

In the moments, in which we’re able to boldly, playfully and authenticly bring our uniqueness to the table and at the same time have the willingness, openness and modesty to listen carefully to our partner(s)’ contributions and inspirations, our contact improvisations feel special and exhilarating to both/ all of us.  In this workshop, we will achieve this by using mindful touch and raising our awareness for specific movement qualities which have their source within our own kinetic idiolects and which we’ll further and further discover and elaborate.  A few technical exercises will align our movements with physical facts that cannot be ignored, but most of all this will be a delicious journey to the core:  to our truly own and unique dance.

This workshop is for dancers of all levels with fundamental skills in Contact Improvisation.

Early Registration (on or before June 1, 2015): $60 Full-Time Student (College/University), $70 Professional
Late Registration (after June 1, 2015): $75 Full-Time Student (in College/University), $85 Professional

Facebook RSVP: www.facebook.com/events/1427587800871708

(Please note that RSVP'ing on Facebook does not take place of registration.  Please be sure to send in payment above to reserve your space!)

Ralf Jaroschinski: Born in Southern Germany and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Ralf graduated as a classical and modern dancer from the University of Music and Theater in Hannover, Germany, and then studied several contemporary dance and composition techniques in New York on a stipend from the German Academic Exchange Service.  He discovered contact improvisation for himself in 1994.  From 1998 until 2002, he directed the dance company of the City Theater of Hildesheim, Germany, and included contact improvisation as part of the dancers' training and the creation of his works.  He also got commissioned to create choreographies for several European and American national ballet companies and dance universities – so far, he has created some 100 dance pieces. 

Facilitating contact improvisation classes and workshops more regularly since 2004, Ralf has taught at numerous festivals, universities, dance schools and studios all over the world.  He has designed, produced and staged several contact improvisation scores and concerts, and he has trained the dancers of companies such as the Brazilian Curitiba Guaíra Ballet, the Swedish "Göteborgs Operans Danskompani", and the "Cullberg Baletten" in Stockholm in contact improvisation.  More information at www.ralfjaroschinski.de.



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