Workshop with Neige Christenson


Please join us in welcoming Neige Christenson for her first weekend Contact Improvisation workshop in Boulder, CO:

  • Sat, March 3, 2012: 11:30am-6:00pm
  • Sun, March 4, 2012: 10:30am-5:00pm

The workshop takes place at Kelly's Barn (1360 Sumac Ave, Boulder CO).

March 3, 2012 - Day One: Freeing the Contact Mind

Neige w/Tim O'Donnell. Photo by Moti Zemelman

“He/she should dance with me.” 

“I’m too heavy/too weak/too old/too inexperienced to dance with this partner.”

“He/she isn’t doing it right.”

“Uh-oh, I know I won’t enjoy dancing with him/her.”

“I have to impress my partner.”

“I want to join them, but I’m afraid they don’t want me to…”

Is it true? How do you react when you believe that thought? How do you treat yourself and your partner?  Who would you be, and how would you dance, without that thought?

Applying the simple and profound questions of Byron Katie’s “Work” to the practice of Contact Improvisation, we will address any inhibiting or stressful thoughts that may be blocking the vibrant flow of our dances. Investigating these thoughts can significantly improve our ability to be truly present in our dancing, and to be more open and available to whatever it becomes. Through a series of exercises and experiences, participants explore their own individual assumptions and snags, and are offered tools to gently untangle these thought-knots. We explore how our judgments of others or the dances we are having can limit the depth of our improvisation, and how our own inhibitions around body image/sexuality/intimacy and the (very common) unconscious story of romantic overlay onto CI can complicate and confuse the jam experience. This workshop is open to anyone who has ever had a stressful thought on the dance floor, and also for those whose thoughts may have kept them off the dance floor altogether.

For more information, please read Neige's article, "Freeing the Mind: Moving with The Work of Byron Katie".

March 4, 2012 - Day Two: Contact Improvisation as Presence-in-Motion

Neige w/Catherine Lessard.  Photo by John BarrettContact Improvisation is a dance form based on the spontaneous interaction between partners sharing a point of physical contact. This “art-sport” is at once a playful exploration of gravity, momentum and communication through touch, and also a form of movement meditation, expanding our capacity for centered self-awareness and freely improvisational creativity. As we learn to listen deeply through our bodies, we can explore the possibilities of ease and effortlessness, giving and receiving weight, leading and following, playing with gravity and momentum, in solo movement as well as in relationship to our partners. Naturally, we dance in the bodies we have, regardless of physical “limitations”, so it is from this base of self-discovery and acceptance that we begin. As we pour our solos into duets, together with our partners we can become marvelous new creatures, curious and open to following what each new dance wants to be.


Neige Christenson has been an avid improviser since 1981. She is a loyal jammer, dancer, performer, teacher, therapist, and mother, with a Masters in Expressive Arts Therapy from Lesley University. Her writings on CI have appeared in Contact Quarterly and <Proximity> magazines. Her home-dance is in Boston, MA.

On YouTube:

  • Full weekend
    • $130 if registered by January 31st, 2012
    • $150 after that date
  • Single day
    • $65 if registered by January 31st, 2012
    • $75 after that date

To register, please submit a non-refundable $50 deposit online here (Visa, MC, Amex, Discover, PayPal):

... or by sending a check to: Sharing Weight, PO Box 18492, Boulder CO, 80308.  If sending a check, please send me an e-mail by clicking here with the date(s) of your workshop participation.

The balance will be due at the beginning of your workshop participation.

For Out-of-Town Guests

We hope to have hosting options with local dancers.  Please please send me an e-mail by clicking here to inquire about possibilities.  Also, the First Friday Jam will be taking place on the evening of Friday, March 2nd, so be sure to come at least a day early to dance with us!

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